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  •     It may be hard to believe, but David Sanborn is now 70. And you best believe that he isn’t taking anything for granted these days.   “The traveling is difficult, but it’s the nature of the beast — this is what I have to do,” says the alto saxoph...
  •     When you think of the symphony, you don't think of a saxophone as part of it. Horns are a part of the orchestra but the saxophone lends itself to blues and jazz. If you attend Saturday's Sax and Violins concert this Saturday, your concept may change. Maestro Lauren Green&nbs...
  •     KENT, Ohio — Kent State University School of Music celebrated its first Saxophone Day on Sunday, inviting students from around the state and the region to take part in clinics, play in ensembles and learn from some of the best in the area.   ...

Chick Corea & Elektric Band - Live At Montreux (2004) / Full Version

Chick Corea - Keyboards Eric Marienthal - Sax Frank Gambale - Guitars John Patitucci - Bass guitar Dave Weckl - Drums Part 1 1. Port View 2. Check Blast 3. Mistress Luck-A Portrait Mistress Luck-The Party 4. Port View 5. Johnny's Landing 6. Alan Corday 7. The Long Passage Part 2 8. C.T.A. 9. Eternal Child 10. Got A Match? 11. Spain 12. Blue Miles
Posted January 7, 2013
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